Delivery Information

Your order will be delivered to the address you will specify as the delivery address.
For the delivery of your shipment we use the services of:
   - for Macedonia: Macedonian Post / Cargo Express
   - International: Regular Post / DHL

1. Delivery information via regular post:
- Shipments sent in inland postal traffic sent by national
regular post or national courier services should be submitted within 3 business days, in exceptional situations, up to 7 working days.
- The deadlines for delivery of shipments sent to international postal traffic, sent via regular post, are different depending on the country of destination's distance and the published standards of the destination countries. Shipments should be submitted within 30 days, which must not be longer than 60 days. If the delivery of the shipment exceeded the planned maximum delivery deadline, the consignee should contact the sender for further action and perceiving the obstacle to failure to submit.

2. Delivery information via DHL:
- the delivery of shipments through DHL, sent in international postal traffic, takes place according to the standard delivery deadline by country group, published on the DHL website.

* orders on weekends and national holidays, are not counted in the calculation for the delivery deadline. In such situations, the scheduled working day is considered as an accepted day.
* the sender is held responsible in cases where the customer is from a country where it is forbidden to receive non-commercial individual shipments or special licenses are needed for the categories: cosmetic products, food supplements, border products. Failure to provide the shipment as a result of the said circumstances is not subject to refund, penalties or other legal solutions requested by the buyer, and at the expense of the sender. The information of this nature, the buyer is obliged to provide for the purpose of perceiving the possibility of unhindered receipt of the shipment.
* In certain situations, due to customs control in the recipient country, the shipment may be unpacked for inspection.

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