Pigment PLUS - sun tanning oil 120ml
  • Pigment PLUS - sun tanning oil 120ml

Pigment PLUS - sun tanning oil 120ml

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Pigment Plus is made from natural ingredients and is a product of the scientific and popular photomedicine experience. In contains pure beeswax with provitamin A, D, E and natural extracts that stimulate base and induced skin pigmentation. Properly created and well expressed pigmentation is the best protection against excessive exposure to radiation.

Pigment Plus makes the skin oily and wet. Acquired pigmentation is long. Prevents sun damages and peeling skin. Optimal sunscreen is a real boon for the general state of the organism.

Indications: Getting pigmentation, dry skin, burns of the first degree.


  • To obtain a natural pigment, Pigment Plus is applied abundantly on the skin during sunbathing. In case of first­degree burns: make a good mix of Pigment Plus with two parts water and apply the mixture on the damaged skin

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