PROACNE Cream 20ml

PROACNE Cream 20ml

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Proacne Cream is a cosmetic preparation intended for facial and body skin care.


PROACNE CREAM contains propolis extract prepared with the unique formula of Dr Bacheff, a dermatology specialist. The basic bioactive propоlis substances are flavonoids and flavons, used by honey­bees to protect themselves from microorganisms.

The cream is used for care of problematic face and body skin. It nurtures and protects skin from external effects and microorganisms, reduces inflammatory processes in puberty acne, ulcers and irritations resulting from shaving and depilation. The salycilic acid efficiently opens skin comedones and allows access of propolis extract active substances to the damaged skin, thus additionally increasing propolis efficiency.

The skin remains healthy and smooth after use.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The preparation must not be used by those oversensitive to any of its ingredients. In case of oversensitivity to the preparation or to any of its ingredients, stop using the preparation and consult your dermatologist.


  • Proacne Cream is used before and after depilation or shave two times a day and, if necessary, it may be used more frequently. The cream is applied in thin layer on an area previously cleaned with Proacne Lotion. To obtain better results in face and body skin care we recommend avoiding diets rich in white sugar.

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