PROACNE Lotion 50ml
  • PROACNE Lotion 50ml

PROACNE Lotion 50ml

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Proacne Lotion is used as a skin cleansing tonic before applying the Proacne Cream. It removes the outermost part of the skin, releases the pilosebaceous canal of the sebaceous glands, eliminates oily scales and skin fat excess, making the skin soft and moist.

Contraindications: The preparation may not be used by those oversensitive to any of its ingredients. In case of oversensitivity to the preparation or to any of its ingredients, stop using the preparation and consult your dermatologist.


  • Using a cotton pad cleanse the surface intended for application, let dry, and then apply the Proacne Cream. It may be used twice a day, both before and after depilation or shave, while, if necessary, it may be used more frequently.


Leaves stains on fabrics that are difficult to remove.

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