PROGASTAL drops 10ml
  • PROGASTAL drops 10ml

PROGASTAL drops 10ml

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Progastal is a bio­complex composed of plant substances with antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti­inflammatory properties. The essential oils, especially the sage, have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The antimicrobial effect is directed to 74 bacterial species of bacteria, including the species resistant to methicillin. The antiviral effect is directed to Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster viruses, as well as to most of the species of Candida yeast

The antiinflammatory effect of Progastal is due to the effect of sage and flavonoids (acacetin and quercetin) from the propolis, which together with vitamin C work to strengthen capillary walls, increase the ability of serum protein (especially gamma globulin) and to tie histamine, thereby eliminate the inflammatory effect. Paradent acts antioxidant (it spares the vitamin C from binding with chelating connections to metals), protects intercellular substance and protects adrenaline by inhibiting the enzyme 0­methyl transferase.

Flavonoid apigenin and luteolin diethyl ester reduce the secretion of gastric acid. Quercetin and kenferol have antispasmodic effect, reduce spasms of the smooth muscles and reduce pain. The anesthetic granulocytic­trophic effect leads to reduction of pain and regeneration of mucosa. The essential oils in Progastal have antiseptic, sedative and anaesthetic properties, they also regulate the gasses in the stomach.

Progastal has a pleasant smell and quickly eliminates the unpleasant odor of the mouth..

Progastal does not disturb the natural flora and does not cause resistance in bacteria.

Progastal decreases the toxicity of antibiotics and prevents the settlement of candida albicans which requires their common use in severe painful conditions.

INDICATIONS: Ulcer in stomach or duodenum, acute and chronic gastroduodenitis, erosions of the esophagus, hepatobiliary painful conditions.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:Progastal should not be used by individuals sensitive to its components. Hypersensitive reactions are local and alleviate when treatment is discontinued.

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